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5 Reasons why you NEED a dashcam

by Beth Nash | 24/03/2017

10 fuel saving tips every driver should know

by Beth Nash | 20/03/2017
The price of petrol and diesel is rising and it's a huge cost when running a car. Here are 10 simple fuel saving tips....

Jolt FAQ: How do i get an activation code?

by Beth Nash | 14/03/2017

New motoring laws you need to know about!

by Beth Nash | 06/03/2017
Make sure you stay on the right side of the law and top up your motoring law knowledge!...

Jolt Captures - Filter lane fool

by Beth Nash | 28/02/2017

Best first cars for new drivers

by Beth Nash | 24/03/2017
Research has discovered that 21% of UK drivers have paid more for a car than its true value....

The Jolt Team’s Dream Cars

by Beth Nash | 23/03/2017

Car Facts

by Beth Nash | 20/03/2017
Check out our fun car facts featuring a wide range of interesting transport related trivia and information....

5 ways to help your car pass its MoT.

by Beth Nash | 29/12/2016
MoT tests are compulsory for cars over 3 years old, find out how to improve your cars chances of passing first time. ...

5 ways drivers could reduce their insurance premium

by Beth Nash | 14/02/2017
Lack of experience means young drivers usually pay a higher premium when it comes to car insurance. However there are a few things that can be done to help reduce these costs....

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